About WxTitles II

This package of designs & backgrounds was created with the idea of spicing up cover photos for blogs, write-ups, and other weather related content. With four different design themes included, these graphics can help draw viewer attention to any piece of content related to severe, winter, & tropical weather, with a general weather theme also included to attend to other scenarios outside of the common three mentioned.

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Headline graphics for write-ups, blogs, and other weather related writing help drive additional visual energy into these pieces. Without an eye catching visual, well-written content about a weather event can unfortunately get overlooked in the fast-paced world we live in. A simple, catchy cover graphic can fix that, and WxTitles II includes a variety of different potential approaches you can take to include an eye catching visual.

WxTitles II comes with four design themes, each including a set of graphics & backgrounds. The included design themes are severe, winter, tropical, and general. Each of these themes include several different designs in order to line up with a variety of different weather types/hazards.

Each of the aforementioned themes include two different assortments of designs. One assortment includes text overtop the theme backgrounds. The severe theme’s default text is “Severe Weather”, winter is “Winter Weather, tropical being “Tropical Weather, and the general set’s text is “Weather Update”. Each of these themes include blank backgrounds as well, where you can add text of your own, or use the backgrounds in other applications.


  • The general theme of designs includes 9 graphics with text, & 9 backgrounds with no text.
  • The severe theme of designs includes 7 graphics with text, & 8 backgrounds with no text.
  • The tropical theme of designs includes 5 graphics with text, & 9 backgrounds without text.
  • The winter theme of designs includes 6 graphics with text, & 5 backgrounds without text.

Additionally, four Photoshop documents are included, which accounts for one document per theme.

In total, this package includes 58 graphics (JPGs) & 4 Photoshop documents.

Each design is 2500 x 1500 pixels in resolution w/300 DPI.

File size: 1.51 GB

Included w Premium Membership