About WxThreats 3

Weather isn’t a set-in-stone force. It isn’t constant. Storms and other weather events vary every occurrence, whether stronger or weaker.

WxThreats v3 is a set of sliders, selectors, and progress bars that help display the significance of a severe weather event across a broad range of different ways. WxThreats v3 includes 17 threat bar variations in different styles of design and display technique, an upper third, and a background.

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WxThreats v3 blends a variety of design styles and techniques together to allow you to create essentially any threat display you’d like with the available tools. Whether you want a slider bar with an arrow to pick a threat level for an overall threat, single-risk display bars to display hail, wind, and tornado potential, and a progress-style bar for a flood threat, WxThreats v3 has your risk display needs covered.

WxThreats v3 includes the following:

  • 3 .PSD variations, one for the main design & severe risks, the second in a slanted design for severe risks, and the third is an extra pack of winter weather & fire weather risk style of threat bars
  • 159 .PNGs, including progress bars (1 – 20, twenty being the highest risk, and 1 being low), selector bars with an included arrow, and single risk bars
  • Upper third
  • Background

WxThreats v3 is designed in 2500×1500 pixel resolution if you use the .PSDs. The .PNG elements for the bars vary, but remain high resolution. The .PNGs can be used in most image editors, so you do not have to have Photoshop to use this product. Photoshop is the recommended route though for full editability of the .PSDs of course.

File size: 116 MB

Included w Premium Membership