WxThreats v2 | Redesign

About WxThreats II (Redesign)

This is a redesigned pack of weather threats including sets for fire weather, severe weather, and tropical system impacts. Each comes with a blank template on which you can place text on the upper third the included (or your own) arrows/pointers to indicate what threat level threats and indices are at.

Also included .PNG wise are the bars for each threat in case you want to place them on your own background and with a different upper third, in which case you’d essentially be building your own! Three .PSDs are included for each threat set, each fully editable and customizable.

Included w Premium Membership


The full resolution of the designs are 2200×1400, which is about 2k resolution. Pack one includes the .PSDs and first set of .PNGs (the base templates). Pack two includes the arrows/pointers to select threats, and the isolated threat bars in case you want to place them on a background of your own.

File size: 101 MB

Included w Premium Membership