About WxText

It’s been years since I’ve dropped a new product to help save some time on both maps and forecasts that is a relatively simple product – but it’s these simple products that help streamline graphic development in times where time itself is very precious. WxText, a set of stylized wordsets for specific weather types, hazards, and indices. Simple enough, right?

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WxText was designed to save forecasters time when building their forecast graphics as well as deliver information with ease and visual quality MetGraphics doesn’t let fall below high standards. WxText comes with 64 current wordsets, all visible in the included product previews. I’d list them below, but it’d take the gap between Game of Thrones seasons to scroll through it.

If you can think of some other wordsets that are 1 – 2 words in length, send a list to me and I’ll get them added into WxText as a product update for you and everyone else who uses it.

File size: 51.9 MB

Included w Premium Membership