About WxList I

Easily and creatively display data location to location, such as snowfall amounts, rainfall amounts, wind gusts, etc. Additionally, you can also use this template to display storm impacts, highlights for the week, and so forth.

This design includes 3 different data bar variations (with even more sub-variants), a catchy upper third, and several modern, elegant backgrounds variants to utilize across the wide potential range of uses this design can be utilized across.

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In total, this design package includes the following data bar variations:

  • Design 1 – large (2 PNGs)
  • Design 1 – small (2 PNGs)
  • Design 2 – reversed bar variants, seen in the 10-location example seen in the example graphics (12 PNGs)
  • Design 2 – large (3 PNGs)
  • Design 2 – small (3 PNGs)
  • Design 3 – rounded (2 PNGs)
  • Design 3 – rectangular (2 PNGs)
  • Bar separators – one horizontal, and one vertical for the 10-location reversed bars (2 PNGs)


Additionally, the following is also included:

  • Upper third – large & small (2 PNGs)
  • Backgrounds (8 JPGs)
  • Fully editable source Photoshop document (1 PSD)


This design is 2450 pixels wide x 1550 pixels high when fully composed with an included background.

Photoshop is not required, as the above included elements allow you to built and utilize this template in a program of your choice.

File size: 50 MB

Included w Premium Membership