Weather Icons III

About Weather Icons III

The third volume of weather icons has paid special attention to convective cloud elements, with anvil/cumulonimbus effects added for convective and thunderstorm icons across a variety of different variations, from general thunderstorm icons, to lightning-less convective cloud effects and rain, snow, or mix effects.

Icons are all high, 2000×2000 pixel resolution. The 64 currently included icons are in .PNG format, with .PSDs included for total control in Photoshop.


There’s a total of 24 precipitation icons across two variations; one variation has a slight background darkening effect to help icon effects stand out on brighter images, while the other doesn’t have the darkening element. Thus, there’s 48 precipitation icons. There’s also 6 non-precipitation icons, including some different partly sunny/cloudy icons. You’ll find some moon variations for a few different stages. In total, you get 64 icons in the current version.

File size: 481mb

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