About WxHeadlines I

Whether it’s an incoming storm, precipitation totals, or simply an overview of the day ahead – getting the point across with a few short, concise points helps paint the picture in a simplified format.

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If it isn’t necessarily a set of headlines you need to display, this headlines template works perfectly to list off things such as precipitation totals, wind gusts, timing of a weather event, and so on.

Included with this package is the upper third in a few different variations (PNGs), in addition to the actual headline text bars (PNGs) in the center of the design. There are three different variants of the headline text bars included — all three different variants come with several different horizontal lengths for a wide range of text lengths.

Additionally, the package comes with 4 background (JPGs) variations. All the image elements  included with WxHeadlines I give you the ability to use & create headline graphics in any program you please.

In total, this package comes with the following:

  • Upper third: 5 PNG variations, including color differences and slight design tweaks
  • Headline text bars: 3 general themes in several different lengths, for a total of 28 PNGs
  • Background: 4 variations of the main theme
  • 1 source Photoshop document

This design, when fully-composed with the included background choices, is 2500×1500 pixels in resolution at 300 DPI.


Note: the icons displayed in the example precipitation totals graphic are not included, but are available here: SimpleWx Icons.

File size: 113 MB

Included w Premium Membership