WxBars: City Weather Displays

About WxBars

After years of improvising, the development of WxBars has arrived to save time for forecasters and map creators, giving you templates to place into your map to display weather data onto city seats with ease and eye-pleasing versatility.

WxBars is a set of panels and bars to display weather information for cities in a fashionable way, while retaining the space needed for a weather icon and more depending on the style you choose or which style suits your map.

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Not sure if WxBars has the right display bar you need? With this pack, you’ll get three bar designs, some of which with different sub-variations. Below you’ll find what is included:

  • 2 horizontal bar designs in 3 different color variations (totals to 6 bar designs to choose from). These allow you display a city name, small weather icon, and a spot to display anything from precipitation amount, windspeed, or humidity
  • 2 complete panel designs that include space for a large weather icon, temperature, and space for a description of the weather expected or occurring (totals to 5 panel designs to chose from)

In total, you’ll get 11 bar/panel designs (in .PNG format) with WxBars, one set of horizontally oriented bars, and two sets of panel designs for more complete weather info. Additionally, three .PSDs are included for those who have Photoshop and would like to retain full editability.

File size: 21.5 MB

Included w Premium Membership