About Winter Weather Risk Analysis

This winter weather risk analysis graphic allows you to display a plethora of information about a winter storm, all in a single design.

There’s a section to embed a storm overview or accumulations map as well as a discussion about the event, in addition to a three-day risk level outlook. This three-day outlook has a risk scale that ranges from none to high.

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Additionally, each individual winter weather threat have dedicated risk bars, including snow, freezing rain, ice, and wind – all of which have the same risk scale as the prior scheme.

Lastly, there’s a forecast confidence bar that has a low, medium, and high scale.

All of the individual bars are included in PNG format make this design usable in just about any program, including common programs such as PowerPoint, Paint.net, and Photoshop.

Note: maps not included.

File size: 17 MB

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