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Updated, 12:10pm PST, Wednesday, December 3rd

As we close on the last couple of days of the cyber week sale, I’ve now boosted the sale from 20% off to now 30% off everything. The sale will be discontinued at 3pm PST Friday. I don’t do these sales often, so if there’s something you’ve been wanting, why not get it while it’s on-sale?

Cyber Week Logo


Howdy everyone, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog on here! It’s that time of year when most smart-thinking businesses and people put their products on sale (or maybe not?), and I’ve just done so. The sale takes everything in the store and deducts 20% from the price, and I mean every single product. The task of obtaining this discount is a little different, though. Instead of going through and adding a coupon code bar to every product, I’ve just implemented a universal URL attachment that deducts the 20% from the regular price, and that extension is “/cyberweek14” (without the quotes). All you have to do is take that extension and copy/paste it into the Gumroad product page.

I haven’t changed the pricing to all of the button links, as it would take an immense amount of time to change each and every price to the sale price, and revert back to regular price next weekend when the sale ends. So just disregard the prices on the buttons for now, or subtract 20% in your head, a calculator, or just find out when you enter the sale URL extension.

For the not so tech-savvy users, here’s a quick tutorial for how to go about getting that 20% off. So say you’re browsing the MetGraphics site and find a product you would like to have. In this case, say it’s MetGraphics Premium.


The buy button says $35. That isn’t the case. Click on the purchase link (the buy button), and you’ll be directed to the products page over on Gumroad, which where I upload my products. They handle payment and file distribution, which takes a big load off of my head. Oh and don’t worry, they’re a very well secured site based out here in California, in SFO, not an out-of-country (for my American followers) establishment.


So you’ve made it to the Gumroad product page. It still says it’s $35. That’s still not the case. See up where the website address (URL) is in the top bar? That’s where you’re going to enter /cyberweek14. Once you add that extension, refresh the page and you’ll see the price drop 20% (in this case 20% of 35 is 7, hence a $7 discount!).

Sale URL 2

If you run into an issue or can’t get something to work, let me know via email or even chat on the MetGraphics Facebook page and I’ll set up the link and send it on over for you. I’ll run the sale through next Friday, December 5th, so while you’ve got some time, don’t put it off and forget!

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holidays everyone!