This weather symbol package contains a huge variety of pressure, tropical, and frontal symbols. When making weather maps, nothing compares to not having the correct or decent looking symbols to draw attention to meteorological/atmospheric features. No more need to simple, hard to see “L”‘s and “H”‘s, with this package you’ll have many options to choose from!

This package does not include maps. If you have Photoshop, you may want to check out PS WxMap, which includes this and top-notch personally built mapping.

What’s precisely included:

  • 19 curved arrows
  • 15 frontal shapes
  • 6 color variations of a information pointer
  • 13 lightning bolts
  • Rain & snow precipitation textures
  • 9 pressure symbol variations/designs
  • 9 Photoshop styles
  • 50 tropical elements

And more to come in future updates!