Like following tracks in the snow to a bear’s cave, where there’s forecast templates there’s bound to be forecast icons — and now you’ve found them. MetGraphics takes pride in our line of icons from the first iteration to the latest and greatest, with both bases covered along the lines of realistic weather icons and flat & simple icons. No matter the taste you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the right package of icons to match your needs.

Weather Icons v6

A huge pack of 150 weather icons, with a more minimal cloud design compared to other versions of our icons.

SimpleWx Animated Icons

SimpleWx brings simplicity and functionality together to create a line of easy to understand and modern weather icons. These animated icons feature elements from the Simple Weather Icons package, put in motion to use in your motion graphics and video forecasts.

Animated Weather Icons v4

MetGraphics Animated Weather Icons v4 has been designed from the ground up using elements from the fifth version of standard icons to bring cloud design & physics up another step from version 3. AWI v4 now features something that’s been long awaited: the ability to loop seamlessly.

Extreme Weather Icons

No matter the scenario, a tornado or wildfire icon shouldn’t be mistaken for a bulldog or a fedora. Extreme Weather Icons features bold, simple, and to-the-point design to ensure your viewers know what to expect to come from the sky, not out of their oven.

Weather Icons Advanced Package

The Advanced Package of weather icons includes the full suite of weather icons produced by MetGraphics from 2014 to present, giving you the best bang for your buck with access to over 500 icons. This is perfect for those who want to spice things up from time-to-time, switching out icons to keep a fresh look constant, meanwhile having access to the latest and greatest content available.

MetGraphics Weather Icons V

Throughout the adventure of designing this this version of icons, a total of 126 icons (plus the sun) were created for this set of icons, more than any recent set has released. Extra emphasis was put on precipitation density and visibility with this fifth version of realistic weather icons, adding multiple layers of each precipitation type in order to create an extra sense of depth & clarity.

Simple Weather Icons

With the wide variety of design styles these days both simple and complex, flat design is still in and useful in many cases. While these icons aren’t overpowering like (let’s face it, bad) cologne, they melt in perfectly with the right background and help viewers easily decipher an icons meaning.

Weather Icons IV

I’ve strived over the years to design the highest quality content I can and provide the community. Weather icons are perhaps the most-used product when it comes to weather related design right alongside forecast templates, which I have a huge and ever-growing collection of.

Weather Icons III

The third volume of weather icons has paid special attention to convective cloud elements, with anvil/cumulonimbus effects added for convective and thunderstorm icons across a variety of different variations, from general thunderstorm icons, to lightning-less convective cloud effects and rain, snow, or mix effects.

Animated Weather Icons v3

Animated Weather Icons v3 incorporates revamped textures and animations to create an entirely new package of weather icons animated in a realistic style, perfect for motion graphics needing what looks like real weather elements to bring the graphic to life.