About Weather Icons: V

The fifth and latest iteration of weather icons from MetGraphics once again completely rebuilds the set from the sky to the surface, from cloud layering to the precipitation type & particle design. Hundreds of layers have been pieced together to create the complex, dynamic cloud structures while also creating more logical precipitation patterns.

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Throughout this (ad)venture, a total of 126 icons (plus the sun) were created for this set of icons, more than any recent set MetGraphics.net has released. Extra emphasis was put on precipitation density and visibility with this fifth version of realistic weather icons, adding multiple layers of each precipitation type in order to create an extra sense of depth & clarity. Additionally, I’ve brought back the background shading to help these icons’ precipitation stand out on light background, meanwhile including a parallel set of icons without shading for darker graphics that don’t require this extra boost of contrast.

MG’s Weather Icons: V includes the following in .PNG format:

  • 30 precipitation & thunderstorm icons with shading
  • 19 precipitation icons with partial sun & shading
  • 29 precipitation & thunderstorm icons without shading
  • 19 precipitation icons with partial sun without shading
  • 16 shower icons
  • 14 cloud & sun icons (no precipitation)

Resolution of all icons: 2400 x 3000 pixels at 300 DPI.

Plus, the primary Photoshop document that retains all layers & full editability to create more customized icon combinations if you have access to Photoshop.

File size: 850 MB

Included w Premium Membership