About ‘Warp’ Upper Thirds

The ‘Warp” upper third is a sleek, modern, and not too flashy upper third designed in a variety of colors. The dark primary text area allows for excellent light text visibility and the color pallets around the text area help direct the eye inward towards the next bright thing: the text.

Included w Premium Membership


Warp’s color varieties include two variations of each color theme – with 4 color themes included:

  • Blue – 2 PNGs
  • Red – 2 PNGs
  • Orange – 2 PNGs
  • Light grey – 2 PNGs

In total, you get 8 upper thirds in PNG form along with the primary Photoshop document (PSD).

The dimensions of each upper third are 3400 x 260.

File size: 10 MB

Included w Premium Membership