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Howdy everyone, hope everyone has had an enjoyable December up to this point. Weather-wise here in northern California, it’s been a fairly active last few weeks, but this latest/current storm (as of Thursday, December 11th), has been the strongest to impact the region in a good long while. It wasn’t as strong as a lot of media made it out to be, but is certainly the strongest of this season, and perhaps out of the last couple of winters. It’s by no means a drought buster, but will certainly alleviate the severity at least slightly. Aside from weather talk though, I thought I’d share my plans for the coming next few weeks & months.


Within the next few weeks, I plan on finalizing and hopefully releasing Photoshop WxMap v4. It will feature some upgraded/tweaked mapping in hopes to clean it up a bit, as well as a completely new set of weather symbols. This has been the hardest part to work on, because I want to: 1). ensure everything looks awesome and has a new/cleaner feel, 2). add in a fair amount of new content, and 3). expand the the types of content available. One current issue that I’m attempting to sort out is that the Photoshop document for PS WxMap itself is massive, and currently is saved as a .PSB instead of a .PSD (a .PSB is reserved for Photoshop documents in excess of 2gb), and I’m hoping to be able to get it back to .PSD state. One way this may have to be accomplished is to save it as multiple .PSDs for each mapping type.

Something else that is planned is a Photoshop forecast template building kit. It would be somewhat similar to MetGraphics Premium, however would be a Photoshop-only product and have a lot more customization available, especially for those PS-savvy users out there. I haven’t begun development of this yet, in hopes to release PS WxMap v4 by late December or early January first, and aiming for a January/February release of this idea/product.

I really would like to also offer design elements for designers themselves, to expand my current population of viewers from forecasters/meteorologists learning their way through the likes of design to designers like myself who can design most of what they need, but occasionally need some elements to get them started or boost the look/feel of their designs. Perhaps this will include some photography, textures, shapes, and general templates. May require a whole other website in itself, but we shall see.

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