Universal Map Keys I

A large set of keys that generally use widely accepted color schemes for a wide variety of different products, hazards, and weather types.

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Project Details

Currently (as of December 1st, 2021), there are 32 keys available. Each key contains at least 4 PNG variations. The following keys are included:

  • 24 hour temperature change
  • Average return interval
  • CAPE
  • CIN
  • Cloud coverage
  • Dew points
  • Temperatures
  • Drought severity
  • Fire weather hazards (NWS/SPC)
  • Severe risk (SPC)
  • Flood hazards (NWS)
  • Hail probabilities (SPC)
  • Wind probabilities (SPC)
  • Tornado probabilities (SPC)
  • Lift
  • Lapse rates
  • Potential of precipitation
  • Quantitative precipitation forecast
  • Severe warnings color scheme I
  • Severe warnings color scheme II
  • Severe watches color scheme I
  • Severe watches color scheme II
  • Temperature probabilities
  • Thunderstorm probabilities (SPC)
  • Wind chills
  • Winter storm severity index
  • Winter weather hazards (NWS)
  • Wind gusts
  • Sustained wind
  • Snowfall
  • Ice accumulation

These keys are primarily designed for use on maps, however they could be incorporated into other graphics to display the according color scheme for hazards/values.

Each key is 2550 pixels wide by 358 pixels tall.


Variants Available for Each Key

All keys include at least 4 variations. One variant includes a fade/gradient version of the key colors, a solid color (hard lines for each different color) variant, an in-between crossover of the blurred & hard-lined variations, and one hard-lined variant without any text (so you can incorporate custom key text).

File size: 62.6 MB

Included w Premium Membership