About Tropical System Impacts

With this modern tropical system impacts design, you can easily and thoroughly display the risk levels of the four main threats established tropical systems pose. These threats, storm surge, wind damage, flooding, and tornadoes, all come with a simple & easy-to-understand four-step threat indicator.

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These threat bars are designed in a way that displays the highest threat level the specific risk (i.e., storm surge) is forecast to reach. The threat bars are centered under each risk’s text to create a uniform design that works well with the rest of the design.

Each threat bar features a unique icon for the type of risk it’s displaying to help differentiate each bar and make the graphic/analysis quicker to read and understand.

What’s included:

  • 16 PNGs – each of which is a threat bar for each risk type, displaying one of the four risk levels. This totals to 4 PNGs per threat, in total 16.
  • 1 PNG – the upper third
  • 1 PNG – the background bar (optional)
  • 1 JPG – the background
  • 1 PSD – the main Photoshop document

This graphic is designed in 2400x1400px when assembled, background and all.

The image elements included make this design usable in any editing program of your choice, and if you have Photoshop, you’ll have complete control over each element of the design.

File size: 34.5 MB

Included w Premium Membership