MetGraphics Terms of Use

Any design purchased via store/site links to Gumroad are for regular licenses only, and allow gives one owner permission to use the design/work in ways that do not involve the resale or sharing of blank templates/designs. After purchase of a design, the owner is not permitted to share the blank files or templates with anyone other than him or herself. After editing a template, for instance a forecast template by adding in data such as the days for each tile and forecast icons, rendering the template unusable or duplicable to anyone else, you are permitted to share the final edited design.

You may use templates and designs and share the final product freely via social media, websites, or any other means, after editing/adjusting/adding data, as stated above rendering them useless to anyone who may be attempting to steal them for their own use without purchasing.


Graphics/designs are allowed to be used by educators or students, and shown publicly as long as they’ve been rendered unusable to anyone else via school news networks, broadcasts, and newspapers, and are not sold for profit.

Television & Broadcast Media

Designs for use on-air outside of non-profit outlets must be set up under special licensing. Regular purchase links from are solely for use online or in non-profit television broadcasts. Please contact me for special licensing.

For-profit use

You may use regular licenses/links from to purchase designs for for-profit use, as long as the designs for the end viewer/user are rendered useless/un-duplicable, and are not for on-air television use, but rather kept online or in print. The user cannot directly sell each image for profit, but can sell the edited designs as a service, as long as each image/design/graphic is not directly sold for profit.

Resale/commercial use

Links for purchase/licensing from are not suitable for commercial use, meaning you cannot resell any of my (MetGraphics) designs.