MetGraphics Terms of Use

Any design purchased via store/site links to Gumroad are for regular licenses only, which gives one owner per purchase permission to use the design/work in ways that do not involve the resale or sharing of blank templates, or source files to designs. After purchase of a design or project through the links to Gumroad, the owner is not permitted to share the blank files or templates with anyone other than themselves. After purchasing a design through public Gumroad product links, you are permitted to use the design to create a fully composed graphic, and share this complete graphic in any way.

You may use templates and designs and share the final product freely via social media, websites, or any other means, after editing/adjusting/adding data, as stated above rendering them useless to anyone who may be attempting to steal them for their own use without purchasing.

When “ content” is mentioned, it refers to the designs, graphics, templates, or any other product created or available from

When a “license” for content is mentioned, the “license” refers to a single/individual purchase of a product (Premium membership included). This will not be important if you only use content on a single website, organization, business, or page. It is more impactful for situations where you operate multiple websites, businesses, or companies that you’d like to use content on, especially if the multiple different organizations, businesses, or companies generate revenue. See the “For Profit Use” paragraph below for more.

Clarifying proper, acceptable use of MetGraphics content

After purchasing a design, the owner can utilize the design to create a final, composed graphic to then share via websites, social media, and other means where the public or paying clients can see the final designs.

“Final design” & “fully composed” terms mean that after a design is purchased — a forecast template, for example — can be edited to add text to represent the days, high & low temperatures, place in weather icons to represent the forecasted conditions for each day, and add text to the upper third of the template, where it can then be shared because it is a fully-composed design.

Another example of proper use of a template can be seen using a severe weather setup design template. A severe weather setup template, after you place text on the upper or lower third to add details such as location, timing, and titling of the severe setup graphic, in addition to placing in the applicable threat bars for each weather threat or risk, the graphic then becomes complete. A complete graphic can then be shared & uploaded for public or clients to view.

Weather icons are meant to be used inside of other graphics, and not uploaded or shared by themselves, as this allows unlicensed redownload and potential unlicensed use of an icon or icons. You can use weather icons on anything you’d like, such as a forecast template, map, infographic, and so on, as long as there is no way for the source PNG icon or source documents to be downloaded by unlicensed viewers and reused by them.

In short, as long as the graphics produced by an owner of a MetGraphics product, design, or Premium subscription aren’t shared in ways that allow unlicensed download of raw content produced by MetGraphics, you are free to use these designs at your will via purchasing any product or subscription through the purchase links available on the MetGraphics website. After baking raw design content from MetGraphics into a complete graphic, these works can be used/uploaded/shared in any way.


Graphics & designs are allowed to be used by educators or students, and shown publicly as long as they’ve been rendered unusable to anyone else via school news networks, broadcasts, and newspapers as long as the aforementioned criteria are met in regard to not sharing raw content to unlicensed users.

Television & Broadcast Media

License to use MetGraphics content through nationally distributed television outside of non-profit outlets must be set up under special licensing. Regular purchase links from are not meant to national television use by profiting companies. Please contact me for special licensing.

For-profit use

You may use regular licenses/links from to purchase designs in for-profit use, as long as the designs for the end viewer/user/client are rendered useless/un-duplicable, but are not for on-air television use on a national scale. The owner of content or Premium subscription from MetGraphics cannot directly resell or distribute blank files, content, or source files with the public or clients, but you (owner of content or Premium subscription from MetGraphics) can share fully-composed and/or completed design work with public or paying clients as long as there is no ability by your public viewers or clients to download and reuse the work.

Use in profitable situations requires a license for each line of profit, or for each business, company, or other source of revenue where the content from is used. For example, if you own a private meteorological consulting company, you can use a single purchased license to use content there. However, if you own, work for, or in any other way need to utilize content from in/on more than one revenue generating source, you will need a license for each of these sources. In short, a license for each of your profiting operations to use content is needed. If you own/operate/work for 3 private forecasting companies, you would need 3 licenses.

Resale/commercial use

Links for purchase/licensing from are not suitable for commercial use, meaning you cannot directly resell any MetGraphics designs. You can use completed work to drive sales for a service, however, even if it is a commercial service (such as a meteorological consulting service).

Still not sure?

I don’t blame you, it’s admittedly tough to phrase these terms of use without making it sound significantly more complicated than it actually is. Feel free to get in contact with me, click here to send a message. Typically, you’ll hear back within ~24 hours.