About T56: Momentum

T56: Momentum is not a single forecast template, it instead contains 5 different tile setups and two different upper third variations. This variety of different design content allows for a wide range of potential forecasts – including typical 5, 7, & 10 day forecasts – but also including a today/tonight forecast, in addition to a “today” forecast, and a 3 day, 3 hour, or even 3 location outlook with 3 large forecast panels.

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With all of the different tiles available, in addition to the two different upper third variants (albeit, similar), there exists a fair amount of minor adjustment potential to yield vastly different looking template styles within the same package – perhaps with the help of a slightly different background.

Also included with this template are two probability of precipitation (pop) bars in two different themes: a green & cool color theme – the first for rain, and the latter for snow/wintery precipitation. These were sized to fit the 5, 7, & 10 day forecast templates well, but would work well on the other larger tiles or even for completely different uses outside of this set.

In total, this forecast template package comes with the following:

  • 5 day forecast tile design
  • 7 day forecast tile design
  • 10 day forecast tile design
  • 3 day, 3 hour, or 3 location forecast
  • Today & tonight forecast panel design
  • Today forecast panel design
  • 2 probability of precipitation bars (0% – 100%), one for wintery precipitation, the other for rain
  • 2 different upper third designs
  • Background

This forecast package, when composed in the same sizing, is 2400 x 1400 pixels at 300 DPI. This project also includes the original, fully-editable Photoshop document.

Does not include weather icons.

File size: 115 MB

Included w Premium Membership