About T55: Multi-City IntraWx

T55 ties together modern multi-city 24 hour forecasts with the MetGraphics IntraWx design, eliminating the need for weather icons. This forecast template includes four different variants: two variants with one single weather forecast for the entire 24 hours, with a four-city and three-city variation included. Additionally, there’s a daytime and overnight weather forecast variant included, also with three and four-city variants included.

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The design of this template takes elements from a handful of different forecast templates from MetGraphics, mixing in a very unique look to make it stand out from the rest – as the rest do from each other. T55 took many hours to design and perfect, and is went through a few iterations before landing on the four different variations included in the final version you see and receive here.

If you’re new to an IntraWx forecast template, it is simply put as weather icon elements blended into the weather area in maximum size. Each variation of weather is included as a PNG image that you drop into the designated zone, or in Photoshop toggle certain layers to achieve a certain weather type. This likely sounds far more confusing than it actually is. Simply put, this template comes with its own unique weather icons built into each day bar.

There’s 24 different weather types included in PNG format for you to use in any program of your choice, in addition to individual forecast bars, the upper third to this design, and the background as a JPG file. This means you can customize several aspects of this design in programs such as PowerPoint, Paint.NET, and other common editors.

The Photoshop document includes dozens and dozens of layers and groups to toggle or shift to achieve the perfect weather-type for each cities forecast.

Weather types included:

  • Clouds & Sun
  • Clouds & Sun II
  • Cloudy I
  • Cloudy II
  • Mix I
  • Night background
  • Rain & Snow I
  • Rain & Snow II
  • Rain I
  • Rain II
  • Rain III
  • Rain + Sun I
  • Rain + Sun II
  • Rain Drops I
  • Rain Drops II
  • Snow I
  • Snow II
  • Snow III
  • Snow + Sun
  • Snow + Sun II
  • Snow + Sun III
  • Snowflakes I
  • Snowflakes II
  • Snowflakes III
  • Sun
  • Thundersnow + Sun
  • Thundersnow II
  • Thundersnow
  • Thunderstorm + Sun
  • Thunderstorm I
  • Thunderstorm Mix + Sun
  • Thunderstorm Mix

Also included:

  • 1 PNG, the upper third designed for T55
  • 1 JPG, the background for this forecast template
  • 4 Photoshop documents, one for each template variation

This design (when put together to completion) is 2400x1450px at 300 DPI.

File size: 872 MB

Included w Premium Membership