About T54 Today

T54 ‘Today’ is a one-day, multi-city outlook featuring two separate design styles. This idea was inspired by the need for a regional forecast for a single day, in order to fill a gap that hadn’t been filled yet in the selection of designs from MetGraphics. One-day forecasts for a handful of locations can be particularly useful during major winter storms, severe weather events, or simply some typical seasonal weather.

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T54 ‘Today’ gives you two different center panel designs; one is a 4-city forecast with a modern rounded look, and another is a 5-city forecast with a more old school design style. Both have their uses, and most importantly they both look great.


  • 2 PNGs for design style one – one with and one without text
  • 2 PNGs for design style two – one with and one without text
  • 1 JPG – design background
  • 1 PSD

These designs are in 2400×1400 pixel resolution at 300 DPI.

Icons not included. Icons in the featured previews are SimpleWx Icons.

File size: 27 MB

Included w Premium Membership