About T53: ‘Glass’

‘Glass’ is a modern forecast template that utilizes simple patterns and shape design to create some visual draw to the final product, compared to some more basic template styles that can be glanced over. An interesting option in the forecast tiles of T53 is the forecast temperatures can be placed high or low on the tile, depending on how you prefer the information to flow.

The upper third designed for T53: ‘Glass’ is a robust piece of design that took a fairly significant amount of time to create, and is in fact the fourth iteration of upper third design. Three others were scrapped and done from the ground up, including the one that is used in the final version.

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The background of T53 is one of my favorites to-date. It’s included by itself as a JPG with this product, as there are plenty of times when creating graphics when the last thing needed is a decent background. This background, similar to the upper third, is the third iteration. Two others were simple scrapped prior to the one found to be best suitable was designed.

Included with this forecast template are both five and seven-day variants. Additionally, this product includes each element on its own PNG or JPG. For clarification, see the below list of what is included with this template.

5 day forecast

  • 5 tiles by themselves, PNG format
  • fully put together forecast, JPG format

7 day forecast

  • 7 tiles by themselves, PNG format
  • fully put together template, JPG format


  • upper third, PNG format
  • background, JPG format
  • Photoshop document

This design, when fully put together, is 2400×1400 pixels at 300 DPI.

File size: 113 MB

Included w Premium Membership