T51 Regional

Alas, after years of creating single-city forecasts, MetGraphics finally has a multi-city forecast template. This regional forecast template includes both 3 and 4 city options depending on the variety or size of the region you’d like to forecast for.

The simplicity of the layout this template features makes it easy for a viewer to digest the information displayed to them, while simultaneously displaying a lot of useful data once all set and done. The design of this forecast template uses modern elements where there isn’t lots of data to digest, while other areas feature more simple elements to make reading a priority.

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This template includes variations of this template that allow you to insert your own background, meaning you’ll get PNGs of both the 3 and 4 city forecast template to use. Additionally, fully-layered JPGs are included with this default background so you can quickly get to work and begin putting together your forecast.

This template is designed in 2400×1400 pixel resolution at 300 DPI for extra clarity. Included are 4 JPGs and 4 PNGs with transparent backgrounds – as well as the primary Photoshop document.

Note: icons seen in product previews are not included. They are available here.

File size: 49.1 MB

Included w Premium Membership