About T48 IntraWx: Horizontal

Upon learning how popular the previous IntraWx forecast templates were, I’ve released a new horizontal iteration of an IntraWx template. IntraWx Horizontal, the 48th forecast template MetGraphics has produced, features 32 integrated weather types in a horizontal forecast panel.

Included w Premium Membership


The 32 weather types come in the form of .PNGs you import into your base forecast with the included background & upper third. After you’ve placed in the amount of forecast tiles (with the included weather type) for how far out you’re forecasting (each tile is 1 day), you can place your text in the upper third and forecast tiles.

Weather variation/types included:

  • 2 cloudy variations
  • Freezing precipitation/sleet
  • 2 rain & sun variations
  • 2 rain variations
  • 3 snow & sun variations
  • 3 snow variations
  • 2 sun & clouds variations
  • 2 sun variations
  • 2 thundersnow variations
  • 2 thundersnow & sun variations
  • 3 thunderstorm variations
  • 2 thunderstorm mix variations
  • 2 thunderstorm & sun variations
  • 2 wintery mix variations
  • 1 light rain
  • 1 mostly cloudy

IntraWx, for those who haven’t dabbled in the style, is a forecast template that doesn’t require external forecast icons. How, you ask? Well, clearly it’s thanks to some form of conch shell magic. The included 32 weather variations are built into the large right section of the panel for easy and clear display for you and viewers.

Because it’s image file based, you can use this template in any modern photo or graphics edited (PowerPoint & GIMP, for instance) quite easily and even save a template to swap things out to save time for speedy future use.

For Photoshop users, 3 Photoshop documents are included:

  • a 3 day forecast preset
  • a 5 day forecast preset
  • a 7 day forecast preset

File size: 281 MB

Included w Premium Membership