About SPC Threat Bar

This simple threat bar in two design variations uses the Storm Prediction Center’s risk terminology and color scheme, with an easily understandable bright arrow directing attention to the potential current threat.

Additionally, each threat bar design is included without any directing arrow — allowing you to simply place it on a map you’ve designed or from the SPC to display be the key for a threat map.

Included w Premium Membership


In total, there’s 13 PNGs included with this pack along with the primary Photoshop document:

  • 5 PNGs for design one – one displaying each threat level
  • 5 PNGs for design two – one displaying each threat level
  • 1 PNG for design one – by itself with all text visible
  • 1 PNG for design two – by itself with all text visible
  • 1 PNG for the arrow by itself

This low-cost product to help forecasters in turn help the public understand severe risks, and the work has been supported by the last 6 years of customers that have supported MetGraphics.net’s creations.

File size: 4 MB

Included w Premium Membership