Simplex: Horizontal Forecast Template

About Simplex

Simplex, a package of sleekly designed horizontal forecast templates, includes six variations that include singular day forecasts, day period forecasts, and typical day-to-day forecasts. The design’s variations feature altered tiles between the full-day and day period tiles, an elegant blurred background behind the tiles, and a modern but not overpowering overall background.


Variation 1). Today. Includes three tiles with a single temperature box, allows you to enter information for three parts of a day.

Variation 2). 2 day outlook. Similar to the previous, however you can enter information for two days across three parts of each day.

Variation 3). Three day outlook. Vertically aligned three day outlook that allows for forecast information across three times of each day to be added.

Variation 4). Five day outlook. Straightforward horizontal forecast tiles with highs and lows and smaller day boxes for abbreviated days.

Variation 5). Seven day outlook. Similar to five day outlook. Elementary school math suggests two additional days available to forecast out to.

Variation 6). Ten day outlook. Once again, similar to the five and seven day outlook, with three extra days.

Resolution of each template is 2500 x 1500 pixels at 300 DPI. Blank .PNGs included for users who don’t have Photoshop, while if you have Photoshop, six .PSDs are included – one for each template.

File size: 75.2mb