Simple Weather Icons

About Simple Weather Icons

With the wide variety of design styles these days both simple and complex, flat design is still in and useful in many cases.

While these icons aren’t overpowering like (let’s face it, bad) cologne, they melt in perfectly with the right background and help viewers easily decipher an icons meaning. Whether it’s a simplified forecast template or a map you’re looking to overlay bold weather icons over, MetGraphics’ Simple Weather Icons were designed to stand out from both complex or smooth backgrounds.

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This package of Simple Weather Icons includes 51 icons, many of which are ready to go, however the others are elements and pieces you can use to build your own custom icon — expanding the potential variations well beyond the included 51. Additionally, if you’re looking to tweak things a little and you have Photoshop, the .PSD included is fully layered and editable.

Included with Simple Weather Icons:

  • 51 .PNGs (currently, updates possible)
  • 1 primary Photoshop document (.PSD)

Resolution of these icons: 1180 x 1180 pixels at 300 dots per-inch.

File size: 14.4 MB

Included w Premium Membership