About SimpleWx Animated Icons

SimpleWx brings simplicity and functionality together to create a line of easy to understand and modern weather icons. These animated icons feature elements from the Simple Weather Icons package, put in motion to use in your motion graphics and video forecasts.

SimpleWx comes with 28 icons- 26 primary weather icons and two bonus icons: an alert icon and a wind icon. These icons were built using simple but non-repetitive animation styles that will be suitable for years to come.


This package of animated icons includes a unique set of nighttime icons, in which stars twinkle above certain precipitation types. The precipitation icons also feature a buffer or mask around the clouds that clips both the sun, lightning, and precipitation particles by around 20 pixels.It’s a modern and stylish little concept that makes these icons stand up to big media outlets style.

Below is a complete list of icons included in .MOV format with alpha channel to give them a transparent background:

  • Sun
  • Clouds
  • Cloudy
  • Lightning
  • Night Clouds
  • Night Mix
  • Night Rain
  • Night Snow
  • Night Thunder
  • Night Thundersnow
  • Night Thunderstorm
  • Night
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Rain & Snow + Sun
  • Rain & Snow
  • Rain & Sun
  • Rain Drops
  • Rain
  • Snow & Sun
  • Snow
  • Snow Flakes
  • Sun & Thunder
  • Thunder
  • Thundersnow + Sun
  • Thundersnow
  • Thunderstorm
  • Wind
  • Alert

The resolution of each icon is a crisp 1000×1050 pixels. Lots of room there for big projects given the high resolution.

File size: 725mb