About Severe Risks by Location

Ensuring an audience understands a forecast map displaying important information such as severe weather risks can be a tedious task that still may leave some folks guessing. By displaying the names of specific locations and the risks forecast in these locations, you can feel more confident that more folks viewing your forecast(s) understand what type of risks they should anticipate during a severe weather event.

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Design facts

With Severe Risks by Location, you can display one or several different cities, towns, or even counties individually, as well as the forecast severe weather risks. The risks types included by default in this package are tornadoes, damaging wind, large hail, and flooding — however, there are blank versions of these risk type bars if you would like to enter different hazards.

These individual hazard indicators come in the following risk levels: “none”, “marginal”, “slight”, “enhanced”, “moderate”, “high”, and “extreme”. This follows along with the Storm Prediction Center’s risk levels with an exception for “extreme”, added for those who would prefer it over “high” in case it helps ensure an audience understands.

Above is a short clip displaying all of the content included with this package, in case a visual representation helps.

Blank variations

All of these risk level indicators also come in blank variations, with each associated color theme available — just without the text. This will allow you to enter in your own risk level terminology if needed, which is similar to how there are also blank versions of these risk/hazard indicators without the hazard text (i.e., “tornadoes” or “large hail”) in case you’re perhaps forecasting something aside from severe weather.

Overall risk

There’s also two different overall risk indicators available if you’d like to display the general severe risk expected, on top of the risks for specific severe hazards. For example, if a location is under a general “moderate risk”, you can display this, in addition to the risks for hail, wind, and tornadoes.

These overall risk indicators also follow along with the same color & terminology theme mentioned above ranging from “none” to “high”. Right now there isn’t an “extreme” level for these overall risk indicators — however, there are once again textless (aka, blank) versions available where you can type in your own custom terminology.

This package includes the following in total:

  • Upper third variations: 3 (PNGs)
  • Location bar: 2 (PNGs)
  • Containers: 7 (PNGs)
  • Risk level/hazard bars with text: 66 (PNGs)
  • Risk level/hazard bars without text (blank): 26 (PNGs)
  • Background variations: 5 (JPGs)
  • 1 source Photoshop document that is fully editable

All of the include PNG & JPG assets above ensure you can utilize Severe Risks by Location in a program of your choice, and you do not need Photoshop. The full resolution of this design, when composed with an included background, is 2500×1500 pixels at 300 DPI.

File size: 338.5 MB

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