About Severe Threats III

For forecasters trying to display severe weather threats to both the hardcore weather enthusiast and a general public viewer, Severe Weather Setup III helps depict the reasoning of specific thunderstorm threats via the quality of the three main ingredients for convective development.

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Severe Weather Setup III’s display of lift, instability, and shear was designed alongside the specific convective threats to tell your weather-knowledgeable viewers why the threats are as high or low as you forecast them. Meanwhile, the specific and to-the-point threats on the left and bottom tell your general audience what in the world all the meteorological jargon we throw at them means for them.

Severe Weather Setup III includes sets of each bar type (instability, hail, shear, etc.) with the associated threat/parameter icon in each level ranging from low, moderate, high, and extreme in .PNG format for you to place onto the background along with the included upper third overlay. This makes it easy to drag-and-drop each piece of your forecast onto the base background and have your thunderstorm forecast prepared in minutes.

Additionally, the fully-layered Photoshop document is included for users of PS to retain full editability.

File size: 22.5 MB

Included w Premium Membership