About Severe Weather Risk Analysis

This severe thunderstorm analysis overview covers just about everything you can imagine about a severe weather event, all in one graphic.

First, there’s a threat bar for the SPC Outlook for the day you’re creating a forecast for. Next, you can add watch likelihood for tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches. Then, you can enter the threats for specific severe threats: tornadoes, damaging wind, large hail, and flooding.

Lastly, you can embed a outlook map as well as a synopses of the event under the event forecast map.

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  • This package includes PNG bars for each element: the SPC outlook bar, the tornado & severe thunderstorm watch bars, and the severe threat bars for each specific threat. Below, you’ll see the individual risk types for each category of this design.
  • SPC Outlook bars include: 1 PNG for marginal, 1 PNG for slight, 1 PNG for Enhanced, 1 PNG for Moderate, & 1 PNG for high.
  • Watch probabilities include: 1 PNG for low, 1 PNG for moderate, and 1 PNG for high.
  • Severe threats including tornadoes, damaging wind, large hail, and flooding include the following risk bars for each threat: 1 PNG for none, 1 PNG for marginal, 1 PNG for slight, 1 PNG for moderate, & 1 PNG for high.

This makes this design usable in just about any program, including common programs such as PowerPoint, Paint.net, and Photoshop.

Note: maps not included.

File size: 32mb

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File size: 32 MB

Included w Premium Membership