Need to display information/data regarding a severe weather/convective setup? Here, you’ll find everything of the sort from severe weather-oriented infographics to elements you can use on them.

Severe Risks by Location

Display the overall severe weather risk in specific locations (such as cities or counties), in addition to specific hazard risks such as tornadoes and hail, with a variety of different style options to utilize and present.

WxIndicators I

A massive collection of eye-pleasing sliders & indicators for precipitation, hazards/threats, risks levels, and intensity/severity levels across wide swath of different weather types and categories.

Winter Weather Threats III

Deliver winter storm details with this risk analysis template, bringing together low-key modern elements together with a splash of flare.

Severe Threats V

A vibrant, eye-catching severe weather threat display template that includes a wide selection of background, and two different risk level keys.

General Weather Threats

GWI gives you the ability to forecast impacts ranging from thunderstorm risks, to winter-weather related risks, to general impacts you’d expect from a warm mid-latitude cyclone.

Severe Weather Risk Analysis

Display a plethora of information about a severe weather event, all in one graphic.

Modern Risk Radials (+bonus template)

Help display threats & risk levels with these nifty radials that come in two color patterns. You’ll also get a bonus severe weather threat template!

Modern Severe Threats

Modern Severe Threats Analysis has one huge goal in mind as a product: keeping your audience in-tune with the potential threats of a severe weather event and why, utilizing the setup portion of this template.

SPC Threat Bar

This simple threat bar in two design variations uses the Storm Prediction Center’s risk terminology and color scheme, with an easily understandable bright arrow directing attention to the potential current threat.


Need an eye-catching graphic that immediately lets readers and viewers know what to expect from the rest of your post, video, or other content? WxTitles is a package of graphics that includes designs for 4 themes of weather: severe, winter, tropical, and heavy rain — with a variety of variations to choose from for each.

Severe Threats III

For forecasters trying to display severe weather threats to both the hardcore weather enthusiast and a general public viewer, Severe Weather Setup III helps depict the reasoning of specific thunderstorm threats via the quality of the three main ingredients for convective development.

NextGen Threat Bars

If trying to graphically display a threat or parameter is tougher than overcooked pumpkin pie, NextGen Threat Bars is here to soften the task and make displaying the significance of something much easier on the eyes for the viewer and the brain of the forecaster or designer.

WxThreats III

 WxThreats v3 is a set of sliders, selectors, and progress bars that help display the significance of a severe weather event across a broad range of different ways.

Radials V

Radials V is a radial threat visualizing set that gives you ten levels of severity to choose from to display a risk or strength of a parameter.

Convective Mode III: Ultimate

With Convective Mode III: Ultimate, you have the ability to completely showcase the setup of a thunderstorm event on one single design.

Convective Mode II

Want to graphically display the types of storm modes there are in an easy to understand and easy on the eyes fashion? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place.

WxThreats v2

This is a redesigned pack of weather threats including sets for fire weather, severe weather, and tropical system impacts.

NextGen Threat Selectors

This package of threat selection templates includes several horizontal threat types and subtypes – all built in varied high resolution.

Severe Threat Indicator

This severe weather threat design allows you to choose from a 1 – 12 numerical scale with a generally universally understandable color scheme to pick out the correct threat level for any given event.