Realistic Icons v2

No more ugly weather icons. No more hard-to see contrast between icons and the background. I looked back at my previous forecast icon designs and couldn’t settle. They just weren’t up to the standards I’ve set. So, from the ground up I completely redesigned the icons, using real clouds and other realistic effects and layers to design awesome clouds, an awesome sun, and… oh, and can’t forget the moon. Rain and snow particles have been completely developed and implemented, in several styles of which you can choose from. The lightning has also seen a major overhaul, and blends in well with the icons themselves, and doesn’t stick out like a rock in the sand (if that metaphor works).


These icons have been designed on a 750×750 pixel canvas, compared to most icons you find online that are designed on a 500×500 pixel image. This allows for quite a bit of scaling, allowing you to place them and use them operationally on graphics surpassing 1080p.


Currently, there’s 59 PNGs for a wide varity of weather types, and a very easy-to-use .PSD for Photoshop users (not required, though, as the PNGs are included).

File size: 38.8mb