About Radiant Upper Third

This upper third set utilizes design colors & styles that can work alongside a wide selection of background material and other themes. Radiant includes two different color themes; cool (blue) and warm (orange/yellow) to complement different subject matter or work alongside similar design themes.

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Radiant Upper Third, when composed as two pieces (the main line top & secondary bottom bar), is 2300 x 512 pixels in dimension. This set includes both color variations in PNG format, including the following:

  • 2 main subject bars (by themselves)
  • 2 secondary subject bars (by themselves)
  • 2 fully-assembled sets with both main subject & secondary subject bars

Plus, as usual, this design includes the fully-editable Photoshop document for those with Photoshop available.

File size: 33 MB

Included w Premium Membership