Radials V

About Radials V

Radials V is the first radials set to include a divided radial design split into tenths, and uses the same general concept the last radial design used. Radials V, however, was redesigned from the ground up to include 6 color variations plus a color coded version (colors change with intensity/larger values), and includes each color with and without fraction text.

These are designed in 2500×2500 pixel resolution at 300 DPI, thus are suitable for high resolution graphics. Radials are perfect for displaying threat and risk levels, visualizing parameter strength or quality, and indicating the chances of a certain event elegantly.



  • 140 total .PNG files
  • Master Photoshop file
  • Red radial
  • Orange radial
  • Blue radial
  • Green radial
  • Purple radial
  • White radial
  • Color coded radial
  • 2 variations of each radial; one blank, and one with fraction text for each fraction/radial level (1 – 10)

File size: 88mb