Photoshop WxMap is a powerful .PSD (Photoshop document) that contains moderate to high resolution regional mapping of North America, and even the world, across 3 different versions. Each version comes with a large pack of weather symbols, including high & low pressure symbols, rain & snow effects, and much more. You can find a more detailed list of what’s included here, on it’s own product page. Each element within the .PSD is on it’s own layer; for instance, the basemap(s) are separate from the county and state outlines, allowing you to add effects between the two for a nice effect, and still able to see outlines over your fills. PS WxMap is excellent for weather bloggers/writes, websites, over-the-web broadcasts, and even TV broadcasts (under special licensing) wanting to design their own awesome maps and not have to use a third party. The only required piece of software is Photoshop CS5 or higher. Photoshop CC (creative cloud) is highly suggested if obtainable, due to the immensely better grouping and layer linking systems available.

The summary of each of the three versions is quite simple. With regular PS WxMap, you get the highest resolution imagery available of North America. With the Lite version, you get 50% less resolution. And with the Global version, you get moderate resolution imagery for the entire globe. The full resolution and Global versions both require quite a bit of computerized horsepower. If you live in North America and don’t have too powerful of a computer, the safest choice is the Lite version.

The two North American versions currently include 2 mapping types: the regular blue marble imagery, and a white/desaturated blue marble imagery blend, for a more subtle terrain effect. There’s also a solid color option.

For full resolution sample maps created with PS WxMap, check out this page.

Recommended Minimum System Specs & Purchase Links

Recommended system specs:

  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel i5 Quad or equivalent
  • 1 – 2GB dedicated graphics card
  • About 1 – 1.3GB of hard drive space

Recommended system specs:

  • 8 – 10GB RAM
  • Intel i5 Quad or equivalent
  • 2GB dedicated graphics card
  • About 3GB of hard drive space

Recommended system specs:

  • 6GB RAM
  • Intel i5 Duo or equivalent
  • 1 GB dedicated graphics card or high-end
  • About 1 GB of hard drive space