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It’s been a busy last two weeks or so, and while I, and the website have been generally been quite lately, lots of work is going on behind the scenes. A good chunk of the quite time has been put into designing the MG Forecast Builder for Photoshop, and has gone through a lot of tough design work, rejection of some, and redesigns to ensure they look nice and match well with the other elements in the builder. Aside from this kit’s design, I’ve been working on a few other things… including something I asked about several months ago: state-by-state maps. These still have a good amount of work to go, and will be probably just be uploaded as one huge pack including at least all of the lower-48 states.


Right after the final release of MG Premium, I knew I’d have to work on another version at some point. I don’t like keeping increasingly out-dated designs on the market for too long, and as more time goes along, the more I feel (well, now felt given the release of this) the design elements in MG Premium are/were inadequate. Not in the number or amount of design elements included with ol’ Premium, but that the design quality now appears to be lacking when comparing to more recent work of mine. So, for owners of MG Premium, I’ll send along a discount code to get this cheaper since you guys all supported me so much.

So, lets get to the details of this Forecast Builder. Right now, it included 4 upper third designs. That number seem to be lacking? Well, while it is essentially 4 designs, 2 of these designs include 3 color variations, one has 4 color variations, and another is just a single, glassy design. So technically that totals to 11 upper thirds, across a bunch of color variations. If that doesn’t seem like enough, don’t worry: there’ll be plenty more to come in future, free updates.


Now to what makes this a forecast template builder: the tiles (or panels), you know, where you’d place/insert the day, high & low temperature, and weather icon(s). Currently, there’s 5 tile designs. Each design includes pre-placed 5 and 7 day variations, which should spare many the time and work it takes to duplicate and maneuver around the amount of tiles needed to make a proper forecast graphic. Some people like to do less, and it’s simple to just delete/disable some of the groups. Some may also want more, which is also simple given you won’t have to do it as many times as you may if there was only one tile for each tile design. Just like with the upper thirds, there’ll be plenty more tile designs to come in future updates.

There’s a ton of background elements as well, just like MG Premium had. Except, with the power of Photoshop, there’s many more blending possibilities to make even better, high-quality backgrounds with the elements I’ve currently provided. Future updates, as stated, will of course include more.


MG Forecast Builder is available for $25 at the moment. If you’re interested, it may be a good idea to get it soon, as the price will increase with time as more and more elements get implemented across future updates. Note: this is a Photoshop-required product, meaning you’ll need it to open the file (a .PSD). In the future, a .PNG set may be released to accommodate the needs of those without Photoshop.

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