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After a long while of manually bundling most of my work together for some customers, which takes a massive amount of time to upload on my admittedly slow connection, I’ve now brought back MG Premium in a new way. The old Premium was a single $35 package that contained a ton of stuff ranging from forecast tiles to backgrounds and upper/lower thirds. It was basically a graphics builder, not a complete package, and was never worded to be so in any case. Now, a MG Premium Membership gives you access to everything on the store right now, including flagship products including the MG Maps trio (Global, Lite, and Pro), the old MG Premium pack, and everything else. In addition to getting access to all of these products, you’ll also receive updates for each individual product as the owner of any of these individual products would. And in addition to that, you’ll also receive every new product I release after it’s been uploaded for individual sale. It’s one heck of a deal given the MG Maps product tree alone is sold for $100 in total.

On the note of price, a Premium Membership is $120 a year. I’ve chose not to go with any monthly or bi-monthly subscriptions due to the fact I can see it being likely that some will get one month for the few bucks it’d be, and drop the membership immediately after. I really don’t want to give away a few years of work for $10, so I hope that decision makes sense. I was going to go with a price closer to $200, given everything is worth so much individually, but I’ll go one year with the $120/y price and see how it goes. Perhaps once I add more products to the library over the course of the year it’d make sense for the price to increase a percentage of total worth of each new product… but that’s looking out a full year, so for those interested now I wouldn’t worry, as I’d probably keep the price lower for current members during any potential increase in cost down the road.

I figure that this Premium membership will tailor most to bigger weather websites, blogs, and so-forth due to the immense amount of graphics you’ll have access to. Of course smaller blogs and outlets would benefit just as much, it’s just the idea of being able to put aside $120 for graphics for the year. Right now there’s over about 10gb in files (once you’ve unzipped everything), with something closer to 12gb more likely. That’s a ton of graphics, and if you’re relatively new to my work, then you’ll have a ton of new stuff to play and work with, as well as present to your viewers.

You can join MG Premium anytime, it isn’t something that’ll be going away, so there’s no rush. If you’ve been planning to purchase a bunch of stuff from me separately since a Premium membership hasn’t existed until now, perhaps this is your ticket to everything you need… and more.

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