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Over the last couple weeks, productivity on my part has been a bit slow – however over the last couple days I had some ideas for some convective graphics, and I’ve finally got them to a completed stage (though I’m up for suggestions for additions/edits). These two new products include a overall setup graphic, allowing you to set instability, shear, and upper-[level] support factors to levels ranging from none to extreme. After you’ve got those set, there is an overall threat based on the above (main) factors. I was going to include moisture, but space was short. Perhaps in a future update I’ll get that in there.

Convective Setup Infographic

Secondly, I uploaded a storm mode infographic, allowing you to set storm modes from pulse, multi-cellular, linear, and most importantly, supercellular. Also included some basic information boxes for each storm type/mode, but they can be edited in Photoshop or simply not used.

Convective Mode

Each of these new graphics are build for easy use in Photoshop, however I understand not everyone has access to PS, therefore I included PNG elements so people who pick up one or both can use at least part of the project. In Photoshop, each of these convective projects are pretty neatly ordered in groups. Lots of them, thus, you’ll probably want to have a Photoshop version of CS5 or higher in order to take advantage of the grouping system(s) inside the newer Photoshop versions.

I pushed the release of these graphics a bit earlier than I was planning due to the looming severe threat this weekend across the central U.S., thus, some slight issues may be found. If you do run into anything I under (or over) looked, please do inform me and I’ll sort out any little bugs.

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