About Multi-Location Timeline Forecast

With this design template, you can forecast for multiple locations across several chunks of time during a single day. There are 4 different forecast types currently included; potential of precipitation (0 – 100%), overall severe risk (none, marginal, slight, enhanced, moderate, and high), severe hazards (none, wind, hail, flooding, tornadoes, and all), and a winter weather forecast (rain, snow, mix, sleet, ice, & mix).

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Right off the bat, you can easily create forecasts for several locations depicting severe thunderstorm risk categories, specific severe threats by location, the potential of precipitation across different locations throughout the day, and precipitation type forecasts for multiple locations during the day you’re forecasting for.

This template includes the upper third (a blank .PNG), 8 background variations (.JPGs), the key to each forecast theme (4 currently, although there are two variations of each theme — meaning 8 total keys currently). Each forecast theme includes all of the forecast conditions individually (.PNGs).

The template is designed to easily fit 3 locations per graphic. That said, it is easy to scale down each forecast bar to create enough room to forecast 4 to even 5 locations in a single graphic. Each of the four forecast themes include a key, as well as all of those colors in the scale of the forecast bar.

Once you drop in the background you’d like, you simply type in the location for each bar, type the timeframes across the horizontal bar, and drop in each forecast block (the “slight” or “high” risk in the severe risk for example, or 10% or 70% for the PoP theme) to complete the graphic.

These PNGs & JPGs for each design element mean you can easily use this template in a program of your choice (PowerPoint, for example).

Each of the four themes also include a Photoshop document for users with access to PS. These Photoshop documents are made to easily create your forecast on the fly given they are already setup with template text — and each forecast timeframe has all available colors to toggle off/on.

In total, this template pack currently includes:

  • 29 color bars for each forecast hazard, severe risk, precipitation type, etc. (.PNGs)
  • 1 upper third (.PNG)
  • Forecast & location bar, which is the bar displaying the location & forecast (PNG)
  • Timeline key, the bar above your forecast bars displaying the times you’re forecasting for  (.PNG)
  • Separator overlays to give more contrast between forecast blocks (.PNGs)
  • Backgrounds, 8 variations (.JPGs)
  • Master/origin files, 4 (.PSDs)

File size: 302 MB

Included w Premium Membership