About Modern Severe Threats Analysis

This severe threat & setup template brings modern display styles and easy-to-understand scales together in this refined design. 3 different scales were designed for this template, and are available to use in both the setup and severe threat aspects of this analysis graphic.

Modern Severe Threats Analysis has one huge goal in mind as a product: keeping your audience in-tune with the potential threats of a severe event and why, utilizing the setup portion of this template.

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The three scales included for you to choose from are the following:

  • a three-stage scale ranging from low, moderate, and high
  • a four-step scale ranging from none, low, moderate, and high
  • and a five-step scale using the SPC’s marginal-slight-enhanced-moderate-high terminology and color

The severe threat analysis part of this template includes four different threats for you to analyze by severity: tornadoes, hail, damaging wind, and flooding.

On the setup side of the analysis, you can display the quality/strength of instability, shear, lift, and moisture – all of which key to the aforementioned severe threats.

This design includes many image elements in the form of PNGs and JPGs for you to utilize in any editing program of your choice. Additionally, the primary Photoshop document is included if you own PS.

The resolution of the design its final render after you enter the anticipated threats & setup is 2400×1400, with 300 DPI.

File size: 24 MB

Included w Premium Membership