About Modern Risk Radials

In this variant of risk radials, I designed them with a 90% radius in order to help separate the low-risk numbers from the high-risk number ranges. This radial design comes in two different color styles; one being a colorized theme with a fairly common low-to-high color scheme, and the other being a simple off-white theme.

Included w Premium Membership


Also included as a bonus is a risk display for the four major severe weather risks, which works well with these radials if you don’t have another use for them currently. Or, if you already have a use but still needed a severe weather risk template itself, this package hits a sweet spot.

Each radial is designed in crisp 2500×2500 resolution with 300 DPI. The severe weather risk template is designed in MetGraphic’s standard 2400×1400 resolution at the same DPI.

In total, this package includes:

  • 10 colorized radials (.PNG format)
  • 10 off-white themed radials (.PNG format)
  • 1 severe weather risk template (in .PNG & .JPG format)
  • 2 .PSDs – one for the radials – one for the severe weather risk template

File size: 36 MB

Included w Premium Membership