Use Photoshop and want a powerful forecast template building kit? You’ve found the right product. MG Forecast Builder is a  weather forecast template building/design kit featuring (currently) 11 upper thirds, five forecast tile/panel designs, and countless background elements and options.

As for the upper thirds, there’s 4 designs. Two of these designs have 3 color variations, one has four variations, and one is just itself (the top glassy one). This totals to the eleven upper thirds in total, when color variations are taken into account.

With the five forecast tile designs, each of these designs includes preset 5 and 7 day sets ready to go, just toggle the groups on and off in Photoshop. This saves you the process of having to duplicate and move a tile a bunch of times in order to get the amount of days you’d like. You can always delete or add a few if needed, which of course is as simple as it gets.

All five tile designs that are currently included in the MG Forecast Builder .PSD.

Product information

File type: .PSD

Photoshop Required

Downloaded file: .zip

Download size: 76.5 mb

Currently, MG Forecast Builder is built for Photoshop. In the future, I’ll likely release a pack of .PNGs for everything that works with most other design programs (like PowerPoint, for instance). For now, though, you’ll need Photoshop to work with  MG Forecast Builder. CS5 or CS6+ is recommended, as the grouping system that keeps the layers nicely organized can break down in older versions of Photoshop.