MetSymbol Kit

About MetSymbol Kit

MetSymbol Kit is the ultimate weather symbol toolkit for forecasters looking to create maps. MetSymbol Kit includes a massive library of high & low pressure symbol designs, tropical symbols from tropical depression to category five hurricane, frontal shapes (including cold, warm, stationary, and dry), precipitation textures, rotated cloud textures to simulate realistic cloud structures of storms, and much more.

Included w Premium Membership


If having a wide variety of weather map symbols and other map elements sounds enticing, let the list of what’s included below help you decide if MetSymbol Kit is worth your investment.

Total list of included items:

  • 18 arrows
  • 22 front shapes, including cold and warm fronts, as well as drylines
  • 20 horizontal keys, as well as 5 new* vertical keys
  • 21 lightning bolts
  • 6 Photoshop layer styles
  • 51 precipitation effect overlays
  • 13 pressure symbol design packs – 1 new*
  • 3 tropical symbol design packs
  • 3 tropical system information panels
  • 32 spirals

With all of the aforementioned content at your fingertips, you’ll be on your way to creating easy-to-read, beautiful forecast maps for not just your audience, but yourself as well.

Need maps? Checkout MG Maps if you have photoshop, & Global Map Pack: Ultimate for other programs

File size: 775 MB

Included w Premium Membership