Horizontal Forecast Template II

About Horizontal Forecast Template II

This second take on a horizontal forecast template features a new innovative styling idea that features weather elements being included in-tile, meaning there’s no need for external weather icons! This should save you time and clutter, as sometimes traditional weather icons can overlap and look messy. The overall design scheme features a hint of flat styling, with glossing effects to boost the look and contrast, and to keep it looking sleek & modern.

Includes four .PSDs, and .PNG elements to built your forecast in other programs aside from Photoshop.

Included w Premium Membership


This template is designed at 2500×1600, 4 .PSDs included, along with 21 weather tile .PNGs with varying weather types (similar to how weather icons are packaged), and background/upper third graphic bases, in which you’d place the needed weather tile and insert text and whatnot to complete the template. In Photoshop, text is set and easily editable, and weather for each tile/day can be tweaked by toggling layers & groups on and off.

File size: 199 MB

Included w Premium Membership