Global Map Pack: Ultimate

If you’re looking for the ultimate map building tool and want a plethora of maps to pick the perfect one, you’ve found the right place.

Global Map Pack: Ultimate is the largest product available from MetGraphics. Comprised of 98 maps, this is perhaps one of the largest map packages available on the net, built to design and craft beautiful maps — most especially weather maps. In addition to the 98 maps around the world, the latest version of MetSymbol Kit is included with this purchase to make this the official and direct alternative to MG Maps which directly requires Photoshop.

Global Map Pack: Ultimate includes 1 entire world map, 31 world regional maps, and 66 U.S. maps. The world regional maps focus on areas of land on all continents aside from Antarctica: North America, South America, Europe & Russia, Asia, and Australia. The U.S. maps include a map for every state in the lower 48, and 16 U.S. regions.

Each map has been mouse-crafted (since it’s hard to hand-craft a digital product) to ensure the best map sharpness and look possible, with border effects of the selected state included, and throughout all borders in the regional maps.

All maps include .PNGs that can be layered up in programs such as PowerPoint – so you don’t need Photoshop to create beautifully layered maps. If you do have Photoshop, you’ll enjoy the fully layered and customizable .PSDs for each map included.

Layers (in .PNG format) included for each map:

• 2 basemap variations

• Country/state outlines

• Major cities

• 2 ocean variations; one general ocean as an underlay/background, another as an overlay you can use to remove any fills that overlap off land into the ocean

• A landmass glow layer to help set the land apart from the ocean

File size: 3.8 GB

Included w Premium Membership