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First off, welcome to the new MetGraphics website! I switched over to WordPress because of the available flexibility, power of plugins, awesomely easy theme changing abilities, and perhaps most importantly, loading speed. On the old “static” website, the preview images made pages massive (bandwidth usage wise). While there’s still quite a bit of data to load on this new WP site, WP handles it better in my opinion, and loads anywhere from 25 – 50% faster, and generally looks a bit cleaner.

Now, onto the news that you read in the title. From now on, all forecast templates I upload will include the background and upper third designed for said template. Over the last few weeks, I’ve looked back and noticed that many upper thirds and nice backgrounds had went to waste not specifically being included with the package. Now, for Photoshop users, they’ve always been able to extract the background and upper third, which is great for them, but for those without Photoshop, there was no way to go about pulling out specific elements in a template. Now, you’ll notice all future templates will include the background and upper (or lower) third in PNG format. The .PSDs will be grouped nicely so those with Photoshop can easily separate elements.



The latest forecast template I uploaded today includes these new features, and you’ll notice perhaps one little downside: a slightly higher price. New templates that specifically come with the upper third and background(s) will be priced at $12 to compensate for the package officially including a brand new upper third and the backgrounds. Upper and/or lower thirds designed for forecast templates will not be sold separately.

7 Day

Click here to check out the latest forecast template of which I speak.

That’s all I’ve got for now, stay tuned for additional new products and new website features through rest of April, and thanks to all past and future customers and clients for sticking with me over the years!

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