Forecast templates have been the staple product from MetGraphics since day one, with each design using the latest techniques and design styles at the time of release to keep customers ahead of the curve with the finest looking designs. Our forecast templates are designed in Photoshop, and come packed with a fully layered and editable Photoshop document; while for those who choose to work and design in other programs such as PowerPoint, blank .PNG & .JPEG images are included for you to import in and use just as well as you would in Photoshop. MetGraphics’ forecast templates come with the upper third and background baked right in, no additional graphical elements needed aside from forecast icons (which do come separate).

Latest templates

Multi-Location Timeline Forecast

Forecast several different weather types & themes across multiple locations, during multiple chunks of the day to display what weather or hazards to expect through the day depending on the time (not a t-series template, but nonetheless a modern forecast template).

T56: Momentum

This forecast template includes several (over 5) different tile & panel designs, giving you many options allowing you to layout your perfect forecast.

T55 Multi-City IntraWx

T55 strikes weather icons unnecessary and introduces MetGraphics’ beautiful IntraWx into the world of a 24-hour, multi-city forecast.

T54 ‘Today’

Create a “day of” forecast for up to five cities utilizing this forecast template.

T53: ‘Glass’

A modernized, stylish forecast template that is fine on the eyes and light on nonsense.

T52: Contrast

A no-nonsense forecast template that’ll fit most of anyone’s needs.

T51: Regional


This regional forecast template includes both 3 and 4 city options depending on the variety or size of the region you’d like to forecast for.

T50: ‘Revolution’

Being the 50th forecast template under’s belt, this one features nostalgic but fresh design and offers two ways to display your forecast: traditionally with icons, or using IntraWx tiles.

Day & Night: IntraWx

Utilizing MetGraphics’ IntraWx forecast style, this day & night forecast template allows you to forecast an entire days conditions with style.

T49 Rebound

In T49: Rebound, a return to the more traditional style in forecast templates has returned with rigid content bars and a simple layout with a modern twist.

T48: IntraWx Horizontal

Upon learning how popular the previous IntraWx forecast templates were, I’ve released a new horizontal iteration of an IntraWx template. IntraWx Horizontal, the 48th forecast template MetGraphics has produced, features 32 integrated weather types in a horizontal forecast panel.

T47: Coast

The Coast template introduces a sleek and minimalist design style, with sanded edges and a unique use of colors across the board. T47: “Coast” is a sleek, modern template bringing together simple lines with bold colors.

T46: IntraWx

T46: IntraWx is an all-in-one forecast template that requires no external weather icons, by the magic of featuring its own internal weather elements within the sleek forecast tiles.

T45 “Sierra”

T45 “Sierra” features dark primary tiles, a dark upper third, and brighter low bars to draw some contrast between the primary tiles & the highs.

T44 “Diamond”

A high resolution, modern & sleek forecast template with a minimalistic upper third, separated low containers, reflected-edges on the main tiles for the beginning and end days, and indentations to fit the lows in-between the main tiles.

T43 “Edge”

T43 features forecast tiles that pull traits from a variety of designs over the years, with a modern flair and many tweaks made to create a natural flow between tiles.

Simplex (T42)

Simplex, a package of sleekly designed horizontal forecast templates, includes six variations that include singular day forecasts, day period forecasts, and typical day-to-day forecasts.

T41 “Deep Blue”

T41 features dark blue accent colors with a brigher blue background to separate the tiles & upper third from it and create good, but not overpowering contrast.


T40 brings back some previous design style, but has been modernized to keep up with my current design trend. There’s many variations of this template, specifically of the tiles. There’s a light and dark variation, as well as embedded hexagonal pattern overlays (that can be disabled)

T39 “Stripe”

A high resolution, modern & sleek forecast template with a minimalistic upper third, separated low containers, reflected-edges on the main tiles for the beginning and end days, and indentations to fit the lows in-between the main tiles. The background is vignetted to draw attention to the tiles & forecast elements.

T38 “Horizon”

This second take on a horizontal forecast template features a new innovative styling idea that features weather elements being included in-tile, meaning there’s no need for external weather icons!

Other Templates

These templates are neither old (legacy) or T-series templates. These are specialized.

Bus Stop Forecast

A staple in the forecasting world, this template will help your viewers quickly determine how to prepare themselves or their little ones for the day ahead.

Legacy Templates

These templates that follow are from the early years of MetGraphics’, and created the initial style MetGraphics became known for. In some ways it’s somewhat aged, which is why the T-Series has taken over — however some of these classic templates have held up perfectly over the years and remain viable templates.

T37 Windowpane

A modern, clean forecast template with a sleek upper third and tiles.

Super Blue

A colorful, modern, & sleek forecast template. Includes two upper-third variations, as well as two forecast tile variations, essentially giving you two forecast templates in one.

Template 26

Yet another forecast template to add to the ever-growing collection, number 26 features a sleek upper third, high contrast forecast tiles, and a bright and minimal background.


This template is a sleek and complete redesign of an older template. The background is nifty but not overpowering to draw attention away from the tiles, and the upper third also draws fairly equal attention. There’s also a fair amount of extra room to get a logo embedded in the upper third.

Template 24

What was going to be a redesign of an old template, is now basically a brand new template with little to no resemblance to the old one made in 2012. Include both 5 and 7 day format variations, with and without background (if you want to use your own custom backgrounds), along with the upper third and the background included for use in other projects.

Template 19

A sleek, modern forecast template including blank PNGs and one main editable PSD. Includes both 5 and 7 day tiles, with a couple background variations and a transparent background so you can implement your own background or image.

Template 20

Very colorful, high-contrast 5/7 day forecast templates, including backgrounds and transparent backgrounds that allow you to place your own background behind the template.

Template 17

Including tall forecast tiles, and an elegant upper thirds, this template will really catch a viewers eye. Swap out the background for a personalized look as well!