About Extreme Weather Icons

The Extreme Weather Icons package stems from an older severe weather display template built in 2015, taking from that graphic the idea of dedicated icons for certain weather extremes that haven’t hit the MetGraphics market yet oddly. Extreme Weather Icons includes a variety of icons built on a dark, slightly glossy rounded display shape — including tropical threat icons: storm surge & large waves; severe weather threat icons such as tornadic storms, large hail, damaging wind, and so on.

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Each icon is high resolution and built on a 1500×1500 pixel canvas to provide lots of wiggle room when implementing these on both large and small designs. Below is a complete list of icons and icon themes included.

Thunderstorm icons

  • General lightning
  • Dry lightning
  • Dry lightning-sparked wildfire
  • Lightning strike
  • General thunderstorm
  • Tornado
  • Tornadic thunderstorm
  • Thunderstorm w/damaging wind

Tropical icons

  • Tropical storm icons (3 design varieties)
  • Hurricane icons (3 design varieties)
  • Storm surge/wave icons (2 design varieties)

Precipitation icons

  • Rain/heavy rain (3 design varieties)
  • Hail (2 design varieties)
  • Snow icon
  • Wintery precipitation icon
  • Freezing rain icon

In total, this icon package includes 32 icons in .PNG format ready for use, as well as one fully-editable .PSD for Photoshop users.

File size: 5 MB

Included w Premium Membership