Each product is meticulously hand crafted one piece at a time, keeping standards high. Every design is handled with digital care, massaged by our virtual masseuse through the development phase to keep it stress free until it’s packaged up and uploaded for all eyes to see and take home to a computer near (or in front of) you. Sorted by newest to oldest, you’ll find the latest and greatest new designs here. That isn’t to say old designs can’t still hold up to the younger templates. Sometimes old templates learn new tricks, so give ’em all a chance. Terms of use.

Severe Threats VI

Packed with two different risk category designs: one is a more modular take on the SPC’s risk levels, and the second design is a more traditional risk category design. Both are unique and are sure to catch your viewer’s eyes without a problem.

CBN Upper & Lower Thirds

This collection of upper & lower thirds is a sleek, modern take on both the upper and lower third. The primary color scheme is blue and off-white, with variations including warm colored (yellow, orange, and off-red) trim to help them stand out from virtually any background.

Allergy Forecast

Display expected allergen levels with your choice of two different design styles; one with up to 9 modular levels, & another with a traditional graph-like display with 3 simple allergen levels (low, medium, & high).

UV Index Forecast

Forecasting the dangers of the sun is often an area overlooked. However, it often proves to be the most important (or even dangerous) point of the forecast some days when there isn’t much precipitation to forecast.

MG Maps 3 (upgraded product)

This full upgrade over MG Maps 2018 includes a completely revamped mapping system, with incredible map resolution. Additionally, there are now 6* different map versions, double the 3 map versions that came with MG Maps 2018.

WxList I

Easily and effectively display data location to location, such as snowfall amounts, wind gusts, etc. Additionally, you can also use this template to display storm impacts, highlights for the week, and so forth.

Universal Map Keys I

A large set of keys that generally use widely accepted color schemes for a wide variety of different products, hazards, and weather types.

Severe Risks by Location

Display the overall severe weather risk in specific locations (such as cities or counties), in addition to specific hazard risks such as tornadoes and hail, with a variety of different style options to utilize and present.

Multi-Location Timeline Forecast

Forecast several different weather types & themes across multiple locations, during multiple chunks of the day to display what weather or hazards to expect through the day depending on the time.

WxHeadlines I

Get key weather information to your viewers with this simple, stylish headlines template. Whether it’s precipitation totals, storm impacts, hazards, or records — this package covers a variety of different bases.

Multipurpose Backgrounds I

Make creating a graphic easier by not having to think about the background too hard. With these Multipurpose Backgrounds, you can choose between 34 different abstract-infused backgrounds to add the final touch to a graphic.

WxTitles II

Draw viewer attention across a variety of different weather types with these cover graphics & backgrounds. Additionally, the backgrounds included are designed to be used across all sorts of different purposes.

WxIndicators I

A massive collection of eye-pleasing sliders & indicators for precipitation, hazards/threats, risks levels, and intensity/severity levels across wide swath of different weather types and categories.

Winter Weather Threats III

Deliver winter storm details with this risk analysis template, bringing together low-key modern elements together with a splash of flare.

Severe Threats V

A vibrant, eye-catching severe weather threat display template that includes a wide selection of background, and two different risk level keys.

T56: “Momentum”

This forecast template includes several (over 5) different tile & panel designs, giving you many options allowing you to layout your perfect forecast.

Radiant Upper Third

This upper third comes in two color themes, and matches a wide variety of existing design styles & subject matter.

NEXTGEN Map Pack (U.S.)

A package of high resolution maps for every U.S. state, region, and more including a variety of useful layers of location information.

General Weather Threat

GWI gives you the ability to forecast impacts ranging from thunderstorm risks, to winter-weather related risks, to general impacts you’d expect from a warm mid-latitude cyclone.

T55 Multi-City IntraWx

T55 strikes weather icons unnecessary and introduces MetGraphics’ beautiful IntraWx into the world of a 24-hour, multi-city forecast.

T54 ‘Today’

Create a “day of” forecast for up to five cities utilizing this forecast template.

Wind Icons

A simple, but important product when it comes to displaying wind speeds & vectors.

T53: ‘Glass’

A modernized, stylish forecast template that is fine on the eyes and light on nonsense.

Weather Icons v6

A huge pack of 150 weather icons, with a more minimal cloud design compared to other versions of our icons.

Severe Weather Risk Analysis

Display a plethora of information about a severe weather event, all in one graphic.

Winter Weather Risk Analysis

This risk analysis design displays just about every bit of information someone needs to know about a winter storm, all in the same design, saving you time.

T52 Contrast

A no-nonsense forecast template that’ll fit most of anyone’s needs.

Modern Risk Radials (+ bonus template)

Help display threats & risk levels with these nifty radials that come in two color patterns. You’ll also get a bonus severe weather threat template!

Tropical System Impacts

Display the threat the four main risks from tropical systems pose with ease and creative edge utilizing this template’s simple but informational design.

Bus Stop Forecast

A staple in the forecasting world, this template will help your viewers quickly determine how to prepare themselves or their little ones for the day ahead.

T51: Regional

This regional forecast template includes both 3 and 4 city options depending on the variety or size of the region you’d like to forecast for.

T50: ‘Revolution’

Being the 50th forecast template under MetGraphics.net’s belt, this one features nostalgic but fresh design and offers two ways to display your forecast: traditionally with icons, or using IntraWx tiles.

Modern Severe Threats

Modern Severe Threats Analysis has one goal in mind as a product: keeping your audience in-tune with the potential threats of a severe event — and why, utilizing the setup portion of this template.

Day & Night: IntraWx

Utilizing MetGraphics’ IntraWx forecast style, this day & night forecast template allows you to forecast an entire days conditions with style.

Travel Delay Data Displays

There’s a plethora of ways to display travel issues. With Travel Delay Data Displays, you’ll get two crafty and easily-understood display options that work well in a variety of ways.

SPC Threat Bars

This simple threat bar in two design variations uses the Storm Prediction Center’s risk terminology and color scheme, with an easily understandable bright arrow directing attention to the potential current threat.

‘Warp’ Upper Third

‘Warp’, an elegant & modern upper thirds package, features sleek modern design features while maintaining a simple and not excessively flashy design. ‘Warp’ helps draw viewers eyes into the center of the upper thirds, where your important text will be easily read.

Travel Risks

Weather impacts all varieties of travel, whether it’s rain, snow, ice, or even wind. Those impacts could also be quite different from one-another, so it’s only logical to see them all as separate or even non-existent tabs if you were to create a travel risk display for viewers.

T49 Rebound

In T49: Rebound, a return to the more traditional style in forecast templates has returned with rigid content bars and a simple layout with a modern twist.

MetSymbol Kit (update)

New features in MetSymbol Kit • new package of pressure symbols • new set of vertical map keys • corrected stationary fronts

MG Maps 2018 (update)

New features in MG Maps 2018 • global waterways (lakes and rivers) • topography overlay to help your fills stand out where hills & mountains exist • interstate/highway icons in the U.S. • a brighter, toned down basemap to make your forecast stand out from the map and be easier to translate to the public eye


Need an eye-catching graphic that immediately lets readers and viewers know what to expect from the rest of your post, video, or other content? WxTitles is a package of graphics that includes designs for 4 themes of weather: severe, winter, tropical, and heavy rain — with a variety of variations to choose from for each.


WxText, a set of stylized wordsets for specific weather types, hazards, and indices. Built to save time and help key parts of your forecast to stand out, WxText upgrades design quality of the little things while saving that time.

SimpleWx Animated Icons

SimpleWx brings simplicity and functionality together to create a line of easy to understand and modern weather icons. These animated icons feature elements from the Simple Weather Icons package, put in motion to use in your motion graphics and video forecasts.

Animated Weather Icons v4

MetGraphics Animated Weather Icons v4 has been designed from the ground up using elements from the fifth version of standard icons to bring cloud design & physics up another step from version 3. AWI v4 now features something that’s been long awaited: the ability to loop quite seamlessly.

T48: IntraWx Horizontal

Upon learning how popular the previous IntraWx forecast templates were, I’ve released a new horizontal iteration of an IntraWx template. IntraWx Horizontal, the 48th forecast template MetGraphics has produced, features 32 integrated weather types in a horizontal forecast panel.

Severe Threats III

For forecasters trying to display severe weather threats to both the hardcore weather enthusiast and a general public viewer, Severe Weather Setup III helps depict the reasoning of specific thunderstorm threats via the quality of the three main ingredients for convective development.

Extreme Weather Icons

Extreme weather isn’t supposed to be glossed over and ignored. Extreme Weather Icons helps bring attention to these scenarios with bold and to-the-point design.

NextGen Threat Bars

If trying to graphically display a threat or parameter is tougher than overcooked pumpkin pie, NextGen Threat Bars is here to soften the task and make displaying the significance of something much easier on the eyes for the viewer and the brain of the forecaster or designer.

T47: Coast

The Coast template introduces a sleek and minimalist design style, with sanded edges and a unique use of colors across the board. Designed from the ground up (as usual, that is), T47: “Coast” is a sleek, modern template bringing together simple lines with bold colors.

Broadcast Style Upper & Lower Thirds

This pack of versatile upper and lower thirds incorporates modern clean design traits that allow them to stand out on a wide range of different backgrounds, in addition to easily being used as both upper and lower thirds.

Weather Icons Advanced Package

The Advanced Package of weather icons includes the full suite of weather icons produced by MetGraphics from 2014 to present, giving you the best bang for your buck with access to over 500 icons.

MetGraphics WxIcons: V

Throughout the adventure of designing this this version of icons, a total of 126 icons (plus the sun) were created for this set of icons, more than any recent set MetGraphics.net has released. Extra emphasis was put on precipitation density and visibility with this fifth version of realistic weather icons, adding multiple layers of each precipitation type in order to create an extra sense of depth & clarity.

T46: IntraWx

T46: IntraWx is an all-in-one forecast template that requires no external weather icons, via the magic of featuring its own internal weather elements within the sleek forecast tiles. There’s 35 weather variation tiles included in .PNG format for users to place in, of which replace the need for weather icons and feature high resolution, realistic weather elements for each weather type.


Display weather data for cities on a map with ease, simplicity, and best of all: style. WxBars includes nearly a dozen city bars and panels — bars for simple city name and a small weather icon, and panel designs to display a larger weather icon for the city, along with temperature & a brief description of weather information whether it’s a forecast or occurring now.

Simple Weather Icons

With the wide variety of design styles these days both simple and complex, flat design is still in and useful in many cases. While these icons aren’t overpowering like (let’s face it, bad) cologne, they melt in perfectly with the right background and help viewers easily decipher an icons meaning.

Ultimate Global Map Pack

Global Map Pack: Ultimate is the largest product available from MetGraphics. Comprised of 98 maps, this is perhaps one of the largest map packages available on the net, built to design and craft beautiful maps — most especially weather maps. In addition to the 98 maps around the world, the latest version of MetSymbol Kit is included with this purchase to make this the official and direct alternative to MG Maps which directly requires Photoshop.

T45 “Sierra”

T45, the 45th forecast template I’ve designed, features dark primary tiles, a dark upper third, and brighter low bars to draw some contrast between the primary tiles & the highs. Each primary bar is outlined with a lighter glossy frame, with darker framing for the low bars.

Abstract Backgrounds

Toss aside that pixelated image from Google you found and settled with and step up to MetGraphic’s latest package of abstract backgrounds. These backgrounds are the highest quality abstract/waveform backgrounds to date from MG, fresh from the graphics card oven that is Photoshop.

T44 “Diamond”

A high resolution, modern & sleek forecast template with a minimalistic upper third, separated low containers, reflected-edges on the main tiles for the beginning and end days, and indentations to fit the lows in-between the main tiles. The background is vignetted to draw attention to the tiles & forecast elements.

MetSymbol Kit 2016 (Update)

Current Conditions II allows you to enter and display current data with beauty on an easy-to-read basis, with two upper third designs to pick from and easily accessible transparent options to swap out the background.

Tropical Map Pack

Sick of using random old maps pulled from the depths of the internet? Cut the tape and upgrade to layered maps of tropical regions of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific for your tropical weather forecasts.

Animated Weather Icons v3

Animated Weather Icons v3 incorporates revamped textures and animations to create an entirely new package of weather icons animated in a realistic style, perfect for motion graphics needing what looks like real weather elements to bring the graphic to life.

WxThreats v3

WxThreats v3 is a set of sliders, selectors, and progress bars that help display the significance of a severe weather event across a broad range of different ways. WxThreats v3 includes 17 threat bar variations in different styles of design and display technique, an upper third, and a background.

T43 “Edge”

T43: Edge is the forty-third forecast template I’ve designed, and some choices regarding this template’s tile design were made by fans on the MetGraphics Facebook page.

Radials V

Radials V is the first radials set to include a divided radial design split into tenths, and uses the same general concept the last radial design used. Radials V, however, was redesigned from the ground up to include 6 color variations plus a color coded version, and includes each color with and without fraction text.

WxIcons v4

I’ve strived over the years to design the highest quality content I can and provide the community. Weather icons are perhaps the most-used product when it comes to weather related design right alongside forecast templates, which I have a huge and ever-growing collection of.

Simplex | Horizontal Forecast Template

Simplex, a package of sleekly designed horizontal forecast templates, includes six variations that include singular day forecasts, day period forecasts, and typical day-to-day forecasts.

T41 “Deep Blue”

 T41 features dark blue accent colors with a brigher blue background to separate the tiles & upper third from it and create good, but not overpowering contrast. The upper third features room for a logo or website, and works well with bright-colored or white text, once again, to create nice contrast between it’s background and the text you and the viewer will be looking at.


T40 is the fortieth forecast template design I’ve created. I brought back some previous design style, with a techy look, but modernized it to keep up with my current design trend. There’s many variations of this template, specifically of the tiles.

T39 “Stripe”

A high resolution, modern & sleek forecast template with a minimalistic upper third, separated low containers, reflected-edges on the main tiles for the beginning and end days, and indentations to fit the lows in-between the main tiles. The background is vignetted to draw attention to the tiles & forecast elements.

Horizon | Horizontal Forecast Template

This second take on a horizontal forecast template features a new innovative styling idea that features weather elements being included in-tile, meaning there’s no need for external weather icons!


ProTropix is a package of tropical weather symbols spanning multiple variations and styles. Includes 68 (*current) .PNG symbols to pick and choose from, along with two fully editable .PSDs (Photoshop documents). There’s two main design variations, along with multiple other variations including basic cosmetic tweaks to styles with category numbers.

T37 “Windowpane”

A modern, clean forecast template with a sleek upper third and tiles. Built in 2500×1500 pixel resolution, and includes 5 & 7 day tile count variations.

WxIcons v3 (older version)

The third volume of weather icons has paid special attention to convective cloud elements, with anvil/cumulonimbus effects added for convective and thunderstorm icons across a variety of different variations, from general thunderstorm icons, to lightning-less convective cloud effects and rain, snow, or mix effects.

Animated Weather Icons v2 (older version)

With this second set of animated weather icons, clouds have been completely redesigned, cloud motion has been made much more dynamic, and lightning for thunderstorm icons has been cleaned up from the first set.

Animated Forecast Template II

A sleek, vibrant forecast template with a glossy and modern transitional intro at the beginning. No external image elements used in this project, with everything built directly in After Effects. 20 second animation length. 1080p video quality.

Animated Forecast Template I

A dynamic animated forecast template with a lot of background design elements and sweeping gloss on most elements, with a fade-in effect of tiles and text and masked-in upper third. 20 second animation length.

Convective Mode III: Ultimate

With Convective Mode III: Ultimate, you have the ability to completely showcase the setup of a thunderstorm event on one single design. The design is fairly complex, but the end product is easy to understand and straightforward to viewers.

Convective Mode II (older version)

Want to graphically display the types of storm modes there are in an easy to understand and easy on the eyes fashion? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. My previous convective mode design just looked and felt old. It didn’t feel as graphically pretty as my work lately, so I’ve changed that.

WxThreats v2 (older version)

This is a redesigned pack of weather threats including sets for fire weather, severe weather, and tropical system impacts. Each comes with a blank template on which you can place text on the upper third the included (or your own) arrows/pointers to indicate what threat level threats and indices are at.

“Ultra” Forecast Template

This template is a sleek complete redesign of an old template from the old days of MetGraphics. The background is nifty but not overpowering to draw attention away from the tiles, and the upper third also draws fairly equal attention. There’s also a fair amount of extra room to get a logo embedded in the upper third.

MetGraphics Premium

Get access to all MetGraphics products, plus early access to new products as soon as they’re available in the database.

MG Maps

Build professional weather maps with the layered mapping MG Maps offers using Photoshop.

MetSymbol Kit

An extraordinarily large set of weather map elements ranging from pressure symbols to tropical system symbols.

NEXTGEN Map Pack (U.S.)

A package of high resolution maps for every U.S. state, region, and more including a variety of useful layers of location information.